Style & Fashion: Timeless & Assertive Maria Calderara

Maximum impact with minimalist fashion – Maria Calderara’s collections are timeless, light and assertive all at once.

And with the latest collection which has just arrived at Catheryne Gaeyla Fashion we cannot be more excited to write about this mysterious and talented Venetian Architect, who has created a unique name around jewelry and fashion.


Mysterious and magical, each piece from her collection is considered as “one secret expressed through another one”.

Maria Calderara’s designer creates pieces of clothing and accessories that exude a slightly harsh, understated preciousness stemming from the intersection of traditional craftsmanship and modern esthetic, opulence and starkness.

Each piece is designed like an architectural piece, up to the smallest details

 She gets rid of any obvious grid by freely mixing elements which are high and low, sophisticated and poor, perfectly finished and raw, indifferently.

Maria Calderara’s clothing collections are timeless, light and assertive all at once; her cleverly precious jewels, mounted on raw-edged ribbons or embroidered on coarse pieces of wool, read like unpredictable accumulations of stones chosen for their organic irregularity as opposed to perfection, even when super-precious like the black Tahiti pearls.

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