Fashion & Style: Le Trench Coat #FrenchChic

The Trench coat is part of the Parisian’s wardrobe, a Classic piece and must have…  to be worn with a pair of jeans, over a little black dress, even over a pair of formal pants, the trench goes over everything!

The featured Trench Coat from Bleu Blanc Rouge is available at Catheryne Gaeyla Fashion and is perfectly paired with a pair of black pants, boots and a simple jumper for that effortless French Chic Look

Dressing classic or classical as ‘they’ say lasts more than a moment. There is nothing tricky, nothing contrived and classic always looks so fresh.… so modern… so pulled together… so French Chic.

Although the result may appear effortless, there is a very smart amount of calculation behind the look to get it just so that it has become second nature to so many French women. 

Sharon Haver

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