Style & Fashion: All Eyes on Us…

Kenzo’s Eye of Providence

With winter just around the corner, we cannot be more excited about Kenzo’s Winter collection.

Greens, yellows, graphic prints and delicate fabrics all in one collection will surely accentuate and colour our silhouettes, to keep us through the winter…

But the highlight of the collection is Kenzo’s signature print – The Eye.

All Gazes on us…


This symbol has been revisited by Kenzo designers Carol and Humberto, after having examined ancient temples around India, Nepal and China, and the elements and details within. “They took a mythological pilgrimage to the soaring heights of these mysterious temples’ pinnacles, where the symbol of the Eye beams as a protector in all directions of North, South, East and West.” Kenzo Blog



Kenzo Collection Now available at Catheryne Gaeyla Fashion

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